Spark Plugs

May 20, 2016

Don’t forget to check the Spark Plugs in your vehicle

    It is important to keep your vehicle running at efficiently as possible. Part of this includes making sure the spark plugs are replaced when they need to be. These are important because without them, your vehicle will not start. You can notice some signs that the spark plugs are starting to go out. While a spark plug may seem like a small part to your vehicle, the fact is, it is a very important part to your vehicle.   The spark plugs are what help your vehicle’s engine to start. Spark plugs are inside the cylinder and take in high voltage electricity at the one end and create a spark at the other end of the plug. They ignite the mixture of air and fuel for the combustion engine to start. With older spark plugs, they will begin to wear and need to be replaced in a timely manor. Without spark plugs, your engine cannot start.   As the spark plugs begin to misfire you may notice a rattling or knocking noise coming from your vehicle. This is caused from the force of the pistons and combustion not working properly, causing the spark plug to fire at the wrong time. The vehicle may idle roughly or accelerate at slower rates than normal. Old spark plugs can also lead to poor fuel economy. This is usually caused because fuel is wasted, as the vehicle does not receive the proper spark at the correct time.   The end of the spark plug is a built-in gap between two or more small pieces of metal called electrodes. When the spark plug fires, one or more sparks jump the gap and a small amount of metal is burned off. While this happens hundreds of times per minutes, over time the gap between the metal tips gets bigger. Your engine will start to run poorly and misfire. The performance and efficiency will also start to decrease. If you ignore the first signs of this, overtime, your vehicle will become difficult to start. Make sure to contact us so you can bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you.