May 26, 2017

Knowing about the Alarm on your Vehicle

    Most vehicles have an alarm system now. This is obvious if you brush up against and barely touch a vehicle with an anti theft device. It will trigger a loud, annoying alarm. It is a noise loud enough to make anyone jump, catching people off guard and surprising them. Heads will turn and look in the direction of the alarm, and keep looking if the alarm doesn’t end quickly. Naturally a person will try to get away from the vehicle as quickly as possible to avoid embarrassment or the possibility being mistook as a thief. Anti theft systems on vehicles work to protect property from being stolen. They have also become a nuisance. First the alarms do not always cut off, which of course requires an auto service to be called to stop the loud noise alarm. In the meantime, the owner is aggravated and anyone within ear reach is annoyed.┬áIt is important to bring the vehicle in if you start to notice an issue with the alarm system.   There are additional benefits to have a car alarm systems installed. The various anti theft systems can be placed on the odometers. This helps to prevent a repairman and owner to change the mileage. The tires can have the alarms placed on them to prevent theft. If doors are touched, the hood or trunk; the headlights can also be set to turn off and on to attract attention. It is the extremely loud alarms that began to come under fire. These techniques do work to prevent theft, but can be points of aggravation for not only the vehicle owner, but also neighbors or others within ear shot of the vehicle.   The car alarms go off at the slightest touch. When an animal walks near the tires, a cat jumps on the car, or children playing outdoors unintentionally brush up against or touch the alarm, it goes off automatically. Sometimes both during the day and night the alarms can be heard going off several times. Complaints from neighbors, and businesses will start happening for the vehicle owners. It is important to be considerate of those around you and turn off the alarm as soon as you hear it incase an animal or child has accidently bumped it.   When the alarms go off, oftentimes, the car owner themselves has to be the one to shut off the car. Other than the battery running out of juice, there are few measures that can be taken. Some people will complain to the police about an alarm going off if it is accidently bumped. In most cases the law enforcement know that the alarm is only temporary and will cut off on their own. The alarm would be stopped before law enforcement could respond. Law enforcement will only get involved if alarm becomes a constant noise disturbance to others. So make sure the alarm system is working properly, and that you are considerate about those around you.