May 26, 2017

Knowing about the Alarm on your Vehicle

    Most vehicles have an alarm system now. This is obvious if you brush up against and barely touch a vehicle with an anti theft device. It will trigger a loud, annoying alarm. It is a noise loud enough to make anyone jump, catching people off guard and surprising them. Heads will turn and look in the direction of the alarm, and keep looking if the alarm doesn’t end quickly. Naturally a person will try to get away from the vehicle as quickly as possible to avoid embarrassment or the possibility being mistook as a thief. Anti theft systems on vehicles work to protect property from being stolen. They have also become a nuisance. First the alarms do not always cut off, which of course requires an auto service to be called to stop the loud noise alarm. In the meantime, the owner is aggravated and anyone within ear reach is annoyed. It is important to bring the vehicle in if you start to notice an issue with the alarm system.   There are additional benefits to have a car alarm systems installed. The various anti theft systems can be placed on the odometers. This helps to prevent a repairman and owner to change the mileage. The tires can have the alarms placed on them to prevent theft. If doors are touched, the hood or trunk; the headlights can also be set to turn off and on to attract attention. It is the extremely loud alarms that began to come under fire. These techniques do work to prevent theft, but can be points of aggravation for not only the vehicle owner, but also neighbors or others within ear shot of the vehicle.   The car alarms go off at the slightest touch. When an animal walks near the tires, a cat jumps on the car, or children playing outdoors unintentionally brush up against or touch the alarm, it goes off automatically. Sometimes both during the day and night the alarms can be heard going off several times. Complaints from neighbors, and businesses will start happening for the vehicle owners. It is important to be considerate of those around you and turn off the alarm as soon as you hear it incase an animal or child has accidently bumped it.   When the alarms go off, oftentimes, the car owner themselves has to be the one to shut off the car. Other than the battery running out of juice, there are few measures that can be taken. Some people will complain to the police about an alarm going off if it is accidently bumped. In most cases the law enforcement know that the alarm is only temporary and will cut off on their own. The alarm would be stopped before law enforcement could respond. Law enforcement will only get involved if alarm becomes a constant noise disturbance to others. So make sure the alarm system is working properly, and that you are considerate about those around you.  
May 19, 2017

Be Aware of the Warning Lights for your Vehicle

  Maintaining your vehicle is very important. This can help to ensure you have the safest and most reliable ride possible when you drive. By going to regular scheduled maintenances, we can help to inspect the vehicle over. If a part has been damaged and continues to operate, it may lead to damage to other parts of the vehicle. This can be more hazardous to drive, and also result in a costly repair bill. When driving, if you ever notice a warning light illuminating on the dashboard, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible. This is especially important if the warning light will start flashing. If the warning light starts to blink, it may indicate that there is a more serious issue with part of your vehicle.     The check engine light is not as simple as it may seem. If the light comes on, it could mean one of many things. The first thing you should do if you notice the light on is to make sure that the gas cap is tightened. Many new vehicles have a pressurized fuel system. They also have a vapor recovery loop. This can result in the check engine light coming on. That is because after filling up with fuel, the gas cap may not be twisted on until it clicks. This will mean that the fuel system is not sealed off. After checking the gas cap, the light should turn off. If it does not, there could be an issue with the engine or surrounding parts. If the light still remains on, make sure to bring your vehicle in to be inspected.     The electrical system light is sometimes confused with a battery issue, because it looks like a picture of a battery. It is normal for the light to come on and go off when you start the engine of the vehicle. If the light comes on and stays on, it could mean the electrical charging system is no longer working properly. If the alternator becomes faulty or damaged, it could result in this warning light illuminating. It could also be caused from a drive belt snapping. The parts of the vehicle will not be able to do their job any longer, and may cause further damage to your vehicle. The longer you drive, the more the vehicle will use up the remaining power in the battery. This can lead to the engine eventually dying. If the light comes on, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible so we can inspect it for you.     If the check engine light illuminates, it may indicate that you are getting close to a scheduled maintenance interval. It could mean that oil temperatures, engine temperatures, or other issues may be and indicator of stress on your vehicle. If you notice this light flashing, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as possible so we can inspect what the issue may be.
May 10, 2017

Headlight Inspections are Important for your Vehicle

    The headlights on your vehicle play an important role in terms of the overall safety and performance of your vehicle. The headlights help provide better visibility while driving not only at night, but also during the day and while experiencing rainy or foggy conditions. When it comes time to replace your headlight bulbs you can start by lifting the hood and taking off the headlight cover. Then you will take off the old light bulb and replace it with the new one and replace the headlight cover. After the replacement of the new bulbs has been done check to make sure both headlights are working properly. Your taillights should not go unnoticed either. These should be inspected too for not only your safety but for others as well. Also, check your blinker lights to make sure they are properly working. These bulbs can be replaced just as easily as your headlights can.   Since you are the one driving, you might not know when your bulbs need replacing. This is especially true for the taillights. You can find out by pulling the vehicle into a dimly lit area or garage, turn on your lights and see if you can see both headlights light up. It is just as important to check your high beams as well. If neither of them turns on or if you cannot tell a difference between the high and low beams then this is an indicator that your bulbs might be burnt out or almost there. By checking your light bulbs this way, it is safer because you are not driving down the road at night and not being able to see when it is too late.   The size and type of bulb your car takes is dependent on the specifics of your car. The year of your car was made is important to the bulb size as well as the model of car. If you are unsure of either of these, then check your owner’s manual for the appropriate year and model. Picking out the right bulb is important too. LED (light emitting diodes) lighting is more advanced that HID lighting. This type of bulb is extremely bright and very long lasting.   Over time your headlights can begin to look foggy from dirt and grime that has built up. This can also make it more difficult to see as your headlights are dimmed. You can rub the outside cover with toothpaste and a cloth until the dirt comes off. If that does not work then you might have to take off the headlight cover completely and wipe them clean. Making sure that the lights on your car are working properly is essential. Regularly performing a light inspection on your vehicle will help you to catch any problems there might be with your lights. Proper lights can help keep you safe while on the road. If you notice an issue with your vehicle, make sure to schedule an appointment so we can […]