September 24, 2015

Costly Car Noises You Might Notice

  When you drive, you will never want to hear a strange or odd noise. If you notice something that sounds out of the norm, make sure to schedule an appointment with us so we can inspect the vehicle for you. If you hear an odd noise, try to notice where the sound is coming from and what you were doing when it happened. This could include applying the brakes, turning, or accelerating. Sometimes a car noise requires nothing more than a minor adjustment. Other times, however, this will call for a major repair that sets you back a few dollars. Make sure that you schedule an appointment at the first sign of an issue. Here are some common car noises you might notice.   Sizzling under the hood. Do you hear this when you shut off your vehicle? If so, it is likely related to some type of leak, such as oil or coolant.   A Flapping noise you hear. This may not be the most annoying noise, but it typically means something is wrong with a belt or the fan. Either way, this type of problem will only get worse with time.   Clunking when braking. Do you hear this noise every time you hit the brakes? Is it accompanied by a strange feeling in the brake pedal? This could be the result of a damaged brake caliper, among other problems. The best recommendation is to contact us so we can inspect the brake system for you.   You will never know the cause of a noise until you visit us and we inspect it. If your car is making a strange noise, contact us to setup an appointment. We can test drive your vehicle, pinpoint the problem, and provide a solution. This can help you to have a safe and comfortable ride.  
September 17, 2015

What to Inspect on Your Vehicle

  Owning a vehicle is a big investment and you will want to keep it lasting as long as possible. You will also want to avoid any large or expensive that may happen. In order to keep the vehicle running efficiently, make sure to bring it in for regular schedule maintenance inspections. We can inspect the parts, components, and areas of the vehicle. By having inspections done regularly, you can help prevent an unexpected issue from occurring. If you ever notice anything out of the norm with your vehicle, make sure to bring it in as soon as possible so we can locate and fix the source of the issue. Check the Fluid Levels in your Vehicle The coolant not only protects the engine from overheating and freezing, but it also protects the cooling system components from corrosion. Over time, coolant becomes corrosive and actually starts to damage the radiator and other parts. That is why you need to have your cooling system serviced on a regular schedule. The same is true for the power steering system, brake fluid, air conditioning system, differential, and transmission. Also, do not forget to have oil changes right on schedule. Skipping even one change can start the build up of harmful oil sludge. The engines are full of gaskets and seals. Fresh fluids condition those gaskets and seals to keep them from drying out and leaking. Automotive fluids contain additives that help clean and lubricate the various systems they protect. Over time, the additives are used up and the fluid just does not provide the protection it did when it was fresh. Do not forget the mechanical systems. Changing brake pads before they are worn to the point that they cause damage to rotors is a great way to keep your operating costs down. Remember to Check the Belts and Hoses Replacing serpentine belts and timing belts on schedule is much cheaper than repairing the damage that can be caused by failure. Also, air filters, fuel filters, and batteries are all important. Regular wheel alignments, tire rotation and balancing will make your tires last longer. Remember to replace the shocks and struts when they wear out. The fuel system needs regular cleaning to keep running well, prevent mechanical damage, and also reduce fuel consumption. By taking care of this stuff on schedule and you will reduce operating costs, prevent costly damage and maintain the warranty coverage. Keep the Vehicle Clean Of course, you want your car to look as good as it runs. Regular washing will prevent rust and protect your finish. Take advantage of cleaners, waxes, and others that protect your interior and tires. Your vehicle will look great and you will be proud to drive it longer. Make sure to remove any extra things you have in your car or trunk. This can include anything that you are storing in your vehicle like golf clubs or anything else. The extra weight can increase the chance for poor fuel mileage. Having a car […]